About the One True Journey

Welcome to the One True Journey. The only journey that counts. An expedition in pursuit of the actual, underpinned by freethought and intellectual honesty.

I had initially set up this site as another platform through which to publish the manifold essays, articles and reviews that seem to proliferate on my desk (and hard drive) like crumpled receipts.  Nevertheless, it seems to have grown, quite beyond my intentions, into curation of the thoughts and ideas I have on all manner of subjects. And as such, I suppose, it is first and foremost that: an exhibition of ideas.

The subsequent tagline ‘painting with ideas’ was an attempt to convey exactly this, as well as the inherent art form involved in thinking—or, le mot juste, thinking well—and constructing portraits of the world, through the medium of prose.

Though my writing here is particularly focused on the political and social worlds which we inhabit, I am also fascinated by the spheres of literature, travel, culture and history—to name but a few. It is fair to say then that there is something for everyone at the One True Journey. Catering to a broad church such as this I endeavour to publish material that is interesting, humorous and engaging to everyone.

If you would like learn more about myself, please visit the ‘About the author’ page.

And enjoy.

Benjamin T. Elstobb